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Find the right strategies for a good survival plan is not easy.

Stinky Animals

Oops, I meant to title this “Animal Instincts”. Oh, well – maybe that was one of those Freudian slip-ups. I dunno…We all are animals, right? Mammals? Sure we are. We all have fur, a self-regulating body temperature – and our females have mammary glands (that’s boobs for those of you who don’t normally think in […]

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Disasters Change Lives Forever

In the year 2005, natural disasters killed over 25,000 people and caused $57.7 billion in damage worldwide. Besides the obvious, direct impact of natural disasters (such as a tornado destroying a house), there are usually many indirect effects. Although these effects may be less obvious, they are often times more costly and can add years […]

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What Are Disaster Recovery Templates And How Do They Help?

Understanding the Need for Disaster Recovery TemplatesAll around the world, the weather has been proving to be strong and unpredictable. From a tsunami to hurricanes and earthquakes, just about every corner of the world has been impacted by unpredictable weather. For this reason, many individuals, families, and communities are realizing the need for disaster recovery […]

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Managing Information To Support Strategic Planning

Establishing An Information Management Policy, by: acknowledging the importance of information to the strategic planning process and to the operational performance of the organisation; implementing an information management policy that will ensure a continuous flow of appropriate information to all levels of the organisation; allocating responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of the policy to […]

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Emergency Situation House Repair Work Product You Must Stock

There are lots of ways around of what you need to stock to be prepared in case of an emergency situation. The majority of those concentrate on the food that you ought to have on hand, along with some fundamental survival products. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with that, however classification is frequently missed out on: […]

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