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Survive for tomorrow by preparing yourself with the best tools and survival kits.

Stinky Animals

Oops, I meant to title this “Animal Instincts”. Oh, well – maybe that was one of those Freudian slip-ups. I dunno…We all are animals, right? Mammals? Sure we are. We all have fur, a self-regulating body temperature – and our females have mammary glands (that’s boobs for those of you who don’t normally think in […]

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Winter Backpacking Tips

Winter backpacking can mean your footprints are the only ones out there. That adds to the beauty of the experience, but also to the danger. Alone and in a cold enviroment, it’s important to know what to do in an emergency. Learning a few basic cold weather survival skills can save your life.Fire MakingImagine slipping […]

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The Survival Kit For Pregnancy Dresses

During the 9 months of pregnancy, many would-be mothers keep repeating the same mistakes over and again. Here is a survival checklist for all first-time mothers so that your pregnancy wardrobe is stylish and comfortable without pinching your wallet. While shopping for your pregnancy dresses, ensure that you keep this checklist handy.All pregnancy dresses should […]

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Buying Tips When You’re Camping

PlanUnless you have an unlimited budget, a camping trip is not something where you can get everything at once without a bit of planning. Research where you will be going, the conditions that will be present and the climate. Make a list of all the supplies you will need and determine what items you have […]

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What Are Disaster Recovery Templates And How Do They Help?

Understanding the Need for Disaster Recovery TemplatesAll around the world, the weather has been proving to be strong and unpredictable. From a tsunami to hurricanes and earthquakes, just about every corner of the world has been impacted by unpredictable weather. For this reason, many individuals, families, and communities are realizing the need for disaster recovery […]

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